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Conscious Community

My name is Leah and I'm the phenomenologist behind the brand name Pretty Radical. I produce content, create products, and host events for those that appreciate academic yet optimistic perspectives on mind-matter interactions. My creations are intended to help those who suffer from mental health impairments whether they're temporary or lifelong. Pretty Radical is all about positivity, as correlations between mindset and physicality support our cardinal theory - thoughts become things.

Pretty Radicals know that reality and what we're able to achieve in this world depend on the mindset we have. Taking the stance that we are conscious creators, Pretty Radicals know their thoughts alter reality in micro and macrospheres, and because of this awareness, they work toward maintaining a positive mindset for themselves and others. 

If any of that interests you, you're Pretty Radical.

On a humanitarian level, mental illness is a disease of the mind which can have devastating impacts on the lives of those who've been diagnosed and their loved ones. Combatting the pitfalls of mental illness requires strategy and coaching. One strategy is to have a fundamental understanding of how conscious creation works. That is, to understand that thoughts become things. Awareness of our ability to bring our thoughts to life gives way to understanding the importance of maintaining a positive mindset.


My ultimate vision is to create a community of active ambassadors and reliable support networks for those who need it most. I want your mind to be a happy space and I think we can figure it out together. I'd love to know your related experiences and insights.

You can interact with me through this site, contact me through email, or on social. 

Be sure to use the hashtags #iamprettyradical or #thisisprettyradical on any social media platform when sharing your related insights, style, and experiences. 

Thank you for being here.

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