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Omnism - Not a religion

Do people have to be taught how to be a good person? How to know right from wrong? Is this knowledge coded into human from birth?

When you ask a question to yourself, who is the voice responding?

To say something "resonates" is to say that it has evoked a feeling of shared emotion or belief. Using religion as an example, most of us believe killing another isn't a positive action simply because we resonate with the concept that it is unacceptable. This concept isn't typically accredited to one religion. The idea, whether presented with or without a religion simply resonates.

Omnism is the recognition and respect of all religions or lack thereof simply because the concepts or beliefs of the concepts resonate in some way. In short, it is the idea that one can find some truth in all religions or thought processes.

Omnists - Resonate with aspects of all religious teachings and or thought processes. However, they don't believe that one religion should take precedence.

Taking it one step further, to be an omnist is to understand that life is always evolving and discoveries are made everyday.

Anology -You may use different pieces of a puzzle to understand an image in it's entirety.

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