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When science becomes therapeutic

You might find it hard to articulate the vast amount of content, messages, experiences, and synchronicities that take place along your journey of uncovering higher consciousness. On one hand, it can be exciting to feel connected to such an immense source of information, yet it can be deterring when trying to explain such complex ideas to others that haven't studied or gained access to this type of knowledge.

Your message of being hopeful and compassionate because of a driving force known as love is more than likely to be accepted and understood. However, the complexity of why this is an absolute becomes tricky to explain, once you start talking about subatomic particles... That is, if you haven't received a degree in areas that focus on such subjects. In fact, this phenomenon could explain why "hippies" and "tree hungers" have historically been ignored.

In modern times, if you can't explain something with science, facts, and data you might as well give up on the idea of catching the attention of those in power. Though it might not be your goal to gain power or notoriety, a better understanding of higher consciousness IS beneficial to everything and everyone.

Thankfully, you don't have to get a PhD in quantum physics or another science to confirm your awareness of the quantum field and mystical experiences. Draw reference from creditable sources in the Waking Cosmos podcast, created by Adrian Nelson.

This podcast provides a series of episodes where doctors, chief scientists, and other brilliant minds share their experiences, experiments, sources and you guessed it... scientific data. The countless studies, references, and first-hand accounts mentioned in this podcast have reinstated my belief that we all have a part in evolving the minds of planet Earth to be better. These people have done more than their due diligence to support their claims and even though they often warn of the setbacks these claims have cost them professionally, they have pure intentions in not allowing science to become like religions which often refuse to acknowledge anything that may "rewrite history".

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